The Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance is an exciting new volunteer group formed specifically to protect and enhance fishing with-in the Fraser Coast Region !

Mission & Objects

  1. to further the interests of recreational fishing on the Fraser Coast;
  2. to provide a single voice and forum for the recreational fishers and associated businesses and industries of the Fraser Coast;
  3. to ensure that all levels of government and fisheries managers recognise that recreational fishing is the major stakeholder of inshore fisheries resources in Qld;
  4. to ensure the Great Sandy Marine Park gains the recognition and protection it deserves with commercial netting to be removed from all current yellow conservations zones;
  5. to support fair and appropriate compensation for all displaced or affected commercial fishing operators where there is fisheries resource allocation to the recreational fishing sector;
  6. to make representation and submission to the Queensland Government, and other Governments, in the furtherance of these objects and for the benefit of recreational fishing on the Fraser Coast;


If YOU fish The Fraser Coast region - We NEED YOUR SUPPORT !

The Great Sandy Marine Park is the ONLY marine park that allows this abomination of commercial netting in yellow Conservation Zones and it is an anomaly that MUST BE CORRECTED.

The more members and support we have on board the more influence we will have on the decision makers in realising the full potential this amazing region has to offer !